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Velkommen til Loki Lydstudio. Over ser du en samling av noen av utgivelsene vi har jobbet med. Vi tilbyr alt av innspilling, miksing, låtskriving og produsering. I samarbeid med Jelöy Sound Mastering, tilbyr vi også mastering av musikken din.

Loki Lydstudio is located at Frydenbølien 19 (above Spar Karensfryd at Gyldenpris), sentrally in the World Heritage City of Bergen. The studio was started in the autumn of 2021 and is run by Daniel Dahle Johansen, Leon Frick and Charles Wise. With 70m2 of creative space, our 'always mic'ed' live room and open and comfortable control room makes recording, post-production and mixing an easy, effective and inspiring experience.

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Leon has an education from Noroff and has worked actively with music production since 2007. He has, among other things, collaborated with Universal Music, NRK, Mastiff, etc. Leon is a songwriter, producer and technician and has broad experience with many different genres.

Charles Wise

Charles is a drummer and studio assistant, with a lot of experience in both live and studio settings. He teaches percussion and is the primary contact for the studio.

Daniel Dahle

Daniel is a music therapist in training, and has many years of experience in music production and recording. He thrives best in the rock genre, but also has many pop productions under his belt.

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Loki Lydstudio AS | Org. nr.: 929 001 761


Frydenbølien 19 

5056 Bergen 

Thank you for getting in touch! We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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